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Advertising in the online world is one of the most inexpensive and highly effective methods of promoting a business and can be achieved with effective Search Engine Optimisation.

There are many areas that need to be addressed when working on Search Engine Optimisation for your business. Effective SEO relies on experience and understanding in many areas including web design, HTML coding, search engines, direct business marketing, online marketing, statistical analysis and web best practices to name but a few.

Search Engine algorithms that determine search results are constantly evolving and are never explained in detail. This keeps wed designers and marketing agencies on their toes in terms of SEO techniques and methods used. There are a few things that remain constant which we will explain below.

SEO Areas

  • HTML Markup – website technology is constantly evolving and coding methods can affect SEO results.
  • Content – is your website user friendly, well written, informative and up to date?
  • Usability – is your site easy to navigate and use.
  • Mobile Optimisation – your site will rank better if you offer mobile optimised content or version of your website.
  • Social Back-linking – do your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn sites generate visits to your main website.
  • Social Media Integration – can your clients share, like, follow and tweet content from your website.
  • Blog & News Sections – great for having updated content on your website and content people would revisit and interact with.
  • Updated Content – search engines rank sites with updated content higher as they are deemed more relevant than static outdated websites.
  • Landing Pages – track your marketing campaign success with dedicated lading paged.
  • Email Marketing – cost effective and direct marketing with quick results and trackable campaigns.
  • Analytic Integration – who has visited your site, what did they look at and for how long?
  • Speed Testing & Optimisation – does your site meet the recommended guidelines for page loading speed.

Website content and usability

Search engines can determine if your website was built with users or search engines in mind. The best advice is to build your website and content for the user and then tweak the details to perform better in searches. So in other words, write your content for your customers and then tweak the copy to fit how you think they would search for it.

Social Media

Social Media is now a big part of SEO and website ranking. It shows business credibility, customer service and allows business to engage and interact in a friendly and less informal manner. It is great for product launches, product promotion and marketing. It is also a very effective way to get feedback for your customer and offer exclusive discounts and promotions to build a social audience for your business.

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